“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. Wherever a man separates from the multitude and goes his own way, there is a fork in the road, though the travelers along the highway see only a gap in the paling.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Journal (18 October 1855)

These days I often find myself a wanderer. Not always in a physical sense, but also intellectually, philosophically. Fate and upbringing made me a student of many different disciplines which, as a fast learner, has made finding my “narrow and crooked” path frustrating at best. There are many times I find myself aimless at the crossroads of my interests. Today do I pursue music or photography? Do I put my various technological skills to use?  Or do I stand on my soapbox and advocate peace, conservation, or self-reliance?

I may be a fast learner, but it took me far too many years to see my error in pursuing degrees in computer and electrical engineering. Finally realizing that I was not truly pursuing my passions, I became terribly unhappy. Yet through everything, there was always one place in which I was unreservedly happy: nature. My true sanctum sanctorum. And at a time in my life when it felt as though I was losing everything, two days alone in a silent, foggy woods restored my soul. Indeed, I am convinced of a great healing power in nature for those who would just open themselves to it.

And so perhaps in pursuing some role in conservation I have at long last found that forked path in which I can “walk with love and reverence.” Now all that remains for me is to find a way to set out on that journey.