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A New Experience

A little over a year ago, my high school choir called me back while I was in town to strengthen their bass section for an audition recording of the Star-Spangled Banner to send to the Atlanta Braves.  After a couple of passes, we arrived at an acceptable recording and the audition was submitted.  Then around the start of this year, the news was sent my way that the choir had been invited to sing on April 16, 2010. 

Since my schedule allowed it, and not being able to pass up an opportunity to get away for a bit, I decided to join them in the trip to watch.  In the months leading up to April, the group kept bouncing between going and not going because the Braves required them to sell 200 tickets to the game.  Let’s face it, getting 200 people to travel 4-5 hours just to watch a standard baseball game in this economy simply isn’t going happen.  Fortunately, with a final call in desperation to Atlanta, the choir received permission to proceed with under 50% of their ticket quota met.  This was also when I was invited to join them in singing.  Since I had been in on the audition recording, they apparently wanted me on the field as well.  I was rather reluctant to accept the invite since this was their moment to enjoy.

When I agreed to go on the trip, I did not know at the time that my college choir’s main concert was April 15, the night before the Braves game.  When I realized the lovely schedule I had made for myself, I knew that this would be an interesting weekend indeed.  At last, April 15 rolled around and my NC State University Chorale gave an excellent performance that night.  Leaving Raleigh around 9:00pm, I finally arrived in Charlotte at midnight, just in time to leave for Atlanta in 11 hours.

Now, I should mention that when I signed up to go along on this trip, the planners were looking at a charter bus.  By the week of the trip, however, that comfortable coach had shrunk into a single shuttle bus!  Needless to say, the thought of spending at least 10 hours in such closed quarters did not exactly fill me with excitement.  Before we left, the director finally convinced me that the choir did actually want me to join them in singing and I agreed.

Arriving in Atlanta right in the middle of rush hour (perfect timing), we eventually made our way to Turner Field and found our holding area.  On a side note, I find it amusing that the only sporting events I’ve really attended are for the sole purpose of singing.





”]On the fieldFinally, the time came and we were led down toward the field.  The group did quite well, despite being very nervous.  I can honestly say, my first baseball game was a truly unique experience.  After we sang, we made our way up to our seats where we watched the Braves manage a victory over the Colorado Rockies.


When the game finally ended around 10:30pm, we quickly made our way out of Atlanta and arrived back in Charlotte about 5 hours later.  Exhausted from two very long days, I got back in the door of my house at the lovely hour of 4:30am.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the trip though, as it was an experience I’ll likely never have again.