Note to self: Unless faced with a certain lawsuit, do not under any circumstances change your URLs or site names. You will still be updating things two weeks later.

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me about two years to notice that my software was exporting all of my images at 72ppi, which is standard resolution for screen display. However, the standard for printing is 300ppi. Oops! Since I’m out trying to sell prints, I opted to replace all of my posted images with proper resolution versions.

I had thought this would be a relatively painless process, since my photo host has a handy “replace” feature. For one reason or another, though, my originals were not being replaced when I tried to use the bulk replace tool. There was no way I was going to replace over 1000 photos one at a time, so I chose to simply upload new images, copy the captions and keywords from the old images to the new, and then remove the old images. After making my processor cry re-exporting all of my images over about a week or so, I began the process of re-uploading. As for copying the captions and keywords, never have I been so tired of: …[Cmd]+[A]…[Cmd]+[C]……[Cmd]+[V]… …[Cmd]+[A]…[Cmd]+[C]……[Cmd]+[V]… …[Cmd]+[A]…[Cmd]+[C]……[Cmd]+[V]… ad infinitum.

The only real downsides to this decision are that any photo comments were removed with the images and any prior URLs will no longer work. The URLs are primarily an annoyance for me, since I’ve had to go back through and update my image links in places like blog posts here. As for the lost comments, this will be a good excuse for you to get writing! 🙂

Please let me know if you run into any photos that are missing captions or keywords. With over 1000 images, I would be very, very surprised if I didn’t miss a few.

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Changes, Changes Everywhere…

…and not a drop to – wait, that sounded better in my head. Recently, my web presence has expanded beyond photography to also now include my music. At the time of each site’s launch, I chose titles and URLs specific to the individual site, such as nowlanjourneys.com and nowlanmusic.com. However, I soon found out that this decision made marketing and spreading the word about both of these sites surprisingly difficult and inefficient. So, I started working on a solution. Little did I know how big of a pain such a change could be.

First, I needed a central hub where I could easily direct visitors to my different sites. Naturally, http://christophernowlan.com/ was a perfect location for this hub. I tried out an about.me page and I liked that simple format, but the ads and prominent about.me branding really killed the professional feel of the page. The only problem standing in my way now was that I didn’t want to spend an additional $5.00 a month to host a single page.



UPDATE: And just like that, this page is gone. As you can see, I came up with an even better idea for christophernowlan.com.

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