Simplification is Wonderful

Two days, two critical web-related changes. Back in Summer 2010 I began work on my dedicated music website. As I relearned bits and pieces of web design and applied new techniques I had picked up from around the web, the site came together ever so slowly. By time I launched the site in October 2010, I was quite proud of my work, and still am. However, I quickly discovered that my infrastructure was in no way designed with future changes in mind. Even subtle tweaks ended up taking me hours to perfect, and as we move increasingly toward a mobile-focused Internet, I was going to have to make some very significant changes to adapt my design to mobile platforms.

My savior? WordPress. I had been using WordPress for several years for my photography blog and had grown rather fond of it, so I decided to give it a go. The beauty of this new infrastructure is that I don’t have to do any of the backend work. While I was at it, I figured why not knock my newest personal webpage project out of the way too? Thus, today my blog became my personal website. I feel a sense of reduced stress already. All hail simplicity!