Perpetual War

A drowning, pestilential rodent flailing about, dying in its own diseased filth, desperate for escape. That’s the image that has repeatedly come to my mind for the past few months. This administration has been caught with its pants down numerous times, and its sniveling supporters on both sides of the aisle have been outed. Those few who still respect their oath to the Constitution have turned against the dying hive (at least, publicly), and the administration is losing control.

What card could be played to take back the reins? History provides a clear answer: war. War is the easiest way to silence dissent and centralize power. How to sweeten the pot? A “humanitarian” war in the Middle East. There’s nothing modern liberals love more than a supposedly humanitarian cause, and neocons can spin any military action in the Middle East into the defense of Israel to satisfy their evangelical base. And both sides have been biting at the bits for years seeking a justification for interventionist military aggression somewhere, anywhere. Like magic, there’s bipartisan support.

The concept of blowback cannot be ignored for much longer. How much hatred for America must we instill in the world, how much American blood must be wasted policing the world, intervening in matters that are not our concern, bankrupting ourselves before the collectivists will be satisfied? They’ll never be satisfied, of course, because that’s part of the collectivist creed: sacrifice of all for others. I refuse.