Pizza and Ice Cream in Savannah

After passing through Charleston on Monday and finding it difficult to secure accommodations, we spent some time in the extremely historic Savannah, GA today. (If you’ve ever visited, you’ll understand the need for the additional modifier on “historic.”)

For anyone interested in history or architecture, it’s quite the city. From the hundred year old riverfront buildings to the ballast stone roads, stories of our past await in nearly every block. Given that the sweltering summer heat of my beloved Southeast was in full force today, the morning was spent exploring around by air-conditioned automobile. It also happens that I have an uncanny knack for choosing the same routes as the horse-drawn carriage tours. But touring history by car can only get you so far. So, on to the riverfront to park.

A few dollars into the meter and a couple blocks up the trolley-lined, ballast rock street later, it’s lunch time. Unfortunately, the riverfront has apparently come to house little more than pubs and seafood restaurants (not my cup of tea). A couple minutes with my smartphone eventually leads us to a place called Your Pie. Think Subway, but for brick oven-fired pizza. The few times I finally get away from the standard pizza chains, I like to try a specialty pizza. In this case, it was The Nat: mozzarella, feta, pesto, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes (I had them leave the grilled chicken off). In short, it was definitely worth the walk over.

After poking about town a little more, we board one of the riverboat tours waiting along the bank. Over the course of an hour, it takes us a few miles up and down the river, pointing out interesting sites along the historical and industrial districts. I’ve always found being on the water strangely relaxing, and the river even provides a much welcome cool breeze in the 90+°F heat. But, time was moving forward and there were still miles to go before we slept.

On arriving in Savannah that morning, one of my exploration apps had informed me about an ice cream parlor nearby reportedly rated the best in Georgia and seventh best in the nation. So naturally, before we could leave, a stop at Leopold’s Ice Cream was necessary. Couldn’t have asked for a better close to our visit than fresh Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

I’ve grown so very tired of interstates over the years, so for the next leg of our journey – west – it was on to the backroads. Certainly it’s slower, but so much more interesting. Countless farms, a few speed-traps here and there, and miles upon miles of lonely road. Perfection.

Though, before long, the clock struck “dinner.” The only problem with being in the middle of nowhere is that decent food for a fussbudget can be hard to come by. And so it was back to the apps. Sure enough, in the town of Waynesboro there exists a local favorite called Taylor’s Barbecue. It’s the type of place that on first glance I would never have looked again, but the food was actually very good.

And so Day Two comes to a close here in a comfy bed. Maybe on Day Three we’ll finally figure out just where it is we’re heading.

These tools have become indispensable in my travels, so I now share them with you. Combined, they have not yet let me down.