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Simplification is Wonderful

Two days, two critical web-related changes. Back in Summer 2010 I began work on my dedicated music website. As I relearned bits and pieces of web design and applied new techniques I had picked up from around the web, the site came together ever so slowly. By time I launched the site in October 2010, […]



Note to self: Unless faced with a certain lawsuit, do not under any circumstances change your URLs or site names. You will still be updating things two weeks later. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me about two years to notice that my software was exporting all of my images at 72ppi, which is […]

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Changes, Changes Everywhere…

…and not a drop to – wait, that sounded better in my head. Recently, my web presence has expanded beyond photography to also now include my music. At the time of each site’s launch, I chose titles and URLs specific to the individual site, such as nowlanjourneys.com and nowlanmusic.com. However, I soon found out that […]

Roaming Alongside the Eno River

After a long, somewhat involuntary hibernation through winter, our weather has finally stabilized near perfection. Frankly, I’ve grown tired of being cooped up behind my computer and don’t want to let our short, “pre-heat” period go to waste. Back in January I bought a neutral density filter, which allows me to use longer exposures in daylight. Specifically, […]

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Breaking in the New Toy

My apologies for not updating lately; I can only blame laziness.  For the past two months I’ve been breaking in my new camera and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way. The first weekend after her arrival my family and I took a brief trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Even from these first few […]

, I Have a New Toy!

As luck would have it, I happened upon an alternate source that had the camera I wanted in stock for the same price.  Needless to say, I lept on the opportunity. Meet the Sony α55: This compact little beauty takes a unique approach to the traditional SLR (Single Lens Reflex) design by replacing the “Reflex” (the […]

, , Slowing Down at Last

Sorry about the dearth of updates lately, but October has been in a word, booked.  Most of October has had me engaged at Carolina Ballet for a vocal part in The Masque of the Red Death.  Between 10/14 and 10/31, I have performed a total of 11 times.  My commitment will finally end with a […]

“The Sign of the Mushroom”

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, below is an excerpt from Robert Leckie’s memoir, Helmet for My Pillow: I lay in the hospital ward and the Sign of the Mushroom rose over the world. I lay in a hospital for the tenth time since I had chosen to […]


Into the Woods

[info]Updated 5 March 2014 – This post originally included numerous images, but most have been removed through cleanup efforts of my portfolio. Some of the writing has also been updated.[/info] As each summer draws to a close, my family typically takes off on a final, short weekend trip. One of my favorite places to visit […]

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A New Experience

A little over a year ago, my high school choir called me back while I was in town to strengthen their bass section for an audition recording of the Star-Spangled Banner to send to the Atlanta Braves.  After a couple of passes, we arrived at an acceptable recording and the audition was submitted.  Then around […]