An Unexpected Return to Winter

For my Spring Break this year, the family and I opted for a short Smoky Mountain journey.  As we were practically leaving the driveway, we were still deciding on where exactly we wanted to go.  We knew the Blue Ridge Parkway would be closed and both Lodges we frequent had not reopened yet.  At last our fingers fell on the Gatlinburg, TN area of the map and off we went.  Knowing that I-40 was shut down across the mountains, we decided to head toward Cherokee, NC and use US 441 to cross over.  Simple enough, right? Read more

, Coming Out of Hibernation

At last, our winter is drawing to a close.  Temperatures are slowly rising to perfection and color is gradually returning to this bleakly gray world.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy winter.  Being such a hot-natured individual, winter provides a long-awaited respite from the torturous days of summer.  However, this relief comes at the cost of acceptable photography conditions.  My favorite photographs are of nature, but let’s face it, bare twigs posing as trees are not the most attractive things in the lens.  So I am forced to sit out and wait for spring to make its entrance and welcome me back outdoors with camera in hand.  While I’ve waited, though, I have added a number of new locations to my “to visit” list.  Here’s hoping I can actually make it out to them before winter returns!

First Snow of 2010

A cherry tree defies the snow and ice.

A cherry tree defies the snow and ice.

For this first post, I thought I would share a few images I took last month from our first snow of the season.  Read more